Animal rescue requires a certain number of standard supplies.
These would include the following:
Cleaning Supplies such as paper towel,  bleach, vinegar, Dawn dish soap, (He) laundry soap:
Bedding and towels: any bedding except blankets with electric wires and towels of all sizes:
Cats/Kittens: canned food, toys, litter.
Dogs/Puppies: canned food, toys, rawhides.

More on DOGS: we foster a wide range of dog sizes, ages, breed mixes and temperments. 
Dog toys and chewies that are durable and can hold up to large breed dogs are wonderful.
Kong toys and fillables help occupy dogs as they adjust to time in a dog crate.
Toys that can be tossed help with dogs that love to fetch.
Tug toys are great for dogs that love a good game of tug, either with another dog or a human.
Peanut butter: we use this a lot to fill hooves, dip rawhides into an even put on a container for the dog to lick while we cut the toe nails!

BIRDS: we foster domestic birds from finches to macaws.  Toys of all sizes are welcome!
Bird seed most often used: canary, parakeet, parrot.
Our birds also recieve a varied diet depending on their breed including fruits and vegetables and eggs.