PetsConnect is a 501(3)c, all volunteer organization.
Donations are non-taxable and we are held accountable for money that comes in and goes out of our organization.
All volunteer means that we have no paid staff. We run on volunteer power.
Those that run PetsConnect! are much like yourself: we work, we play, we raise families, we have hobbies and we have full lives and we volunteer our time and ernergies and talents to help rescue animals.

After a year of planning and meetings, a small group founded PetsConnect! in 2001. Fun fact, why the capital ‘C” and explantion after the name? Because that was the only way the name, petsconnect, was available.

Initally we were just going to have dogs in our program, however, as PetsConnect! grew over the years we found ourselves fostering cats and domestic birds. Over the years we have had a wide assortment of pets in our program from guinea pits to horses, all of which came to us from local animal shelters.

Currently we hvae volunteer across the Michigan area: from Plymouth and New Carlisle to Niles and from Plymouth to Niles and from South Bend to Elkhart.

We hold adoption events almost every Saturday at PetSmart in MIshawaka.
We also hold our annual Fill-A-Van event in the summer and during the winter holidays. Often, through-out the warmer months we will have booths at events through-out our community.

We are a friendly group who are constantly striving to better our approach to animals rescue.

PetsConnect was organized exclusively as a charitable community based, not-for-profit group, focused on raising the level of human consciousness to the value of our animal friends through education and promoting responsible pet ownership as a lifetime commitment and placing animals into lvoing homes one animal at a time.

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